Additional income :
Thanks to the life annuity, you benefit from better financial comfort while maintaining the usufruct of your building. You can occupy it but also rent it

Improves daily life and quality of life :
Your bouquet and your annuities enable you to live better every day. You remain financially independent, and in the future, your loved ones won't have to worry about have to worry about selling your property.

Enjoy your living heritage :
When you sell a life annuity, you receive a capital sum (bouquet) when you sign the deed of sale. the deed of sale. Thereafter, you'll receive an indexed, guaranteed, tax-free monthly annuity. tax-free annuity. It's the ideal way to top up your pension and make the most of your your retirement.


Reduced prices :
Life annuities enable you to become a homeowner even with a small start-up capital. capital. When you buy a life annuity property, you invest an initial sum which is payable when you sign the deed of sale. You then pay an indexed monthly annuity, avoiding the need for a mortgage. mortgage.

No recourse or bank loans :
Life annuity sales are very popular with investors because you can buy a property without borrowing and directly place a tenant, whose rents will help finance the life annuity. the financing of the life annuity. You generate rental income from the outset of the contract, with virtually no transaction costs.

No rental worries and no tax burden :
If the sale is an occupied life annuity, the seller is obliged to maintain the property in good the property. You don't have to maintain it, and unlike a property you buy and rent you don't have to worry about unpaid bills or property tax. withholding tax.

-> increases income

-> preparing for the future