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A Win – Win solution

By definition, a life annuity is the sale of a property by which a creditor (the seller) sells bare ownership or full ownership of the property to a debtor (the buyer), in return for payment of a price that is converted, in whole or in part, into a life annuity, which is extinguished only on the death of the creditor, or after a specified period. But in concrete terms, the viager is a win-win solution. For the seller, it provides a guaranteed, indexed, tax-free additional income to enjoy and live carefree. For the buyer, the contract enables him to invest in real estate at a reduced price, making it a very attractive medium- to long-term investment.



The buyer can occupy the property immediately.


The seller continues to occupy the property until his death


It allows the seller and buyer to live together, with possible adjustments.


Martine 70 years old

"I benefit from an additional income. The lack of income made me anxious. I had a lot of worries about the work to come. Selling an occupied life annuity gave me peace of mind and a comfortable lifestyle. I've inherited myself!"

Sylvain 28 years old

"I'm finally a homeowner. I didn't have the profile to borrow. I'm a young seasonal worker, and 2 years ago, buying my apartment on a life annuity basis enabled me to finally own my own home."

José Luis and Paola 60 years

"Occupied life annuity, a precious help for my descendants. With the occupied life annuity sale of my house, I was able to make my children's daily lives easier by paying them a substantial part of the bouquet."

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